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Soft as a cloud.

Gamchha is the softest all-natural scarf — sustainably produced, hand-woven and made with high quality eri silk.


Natural silk and natural dyes.


Hand-made by expert craftsmen in India.


Woven with a sustainable fabric.

There's one for everyone.

Gamchha is available in classic patterns such as checks, houndstooth and herring bones, in multiple different colours and styles. There's one for every taste.

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Made with Eri-Silk.

To make our scarves, we use Eri silk, which is obtained from a caterpillar – but only after its transformation into a moth.

The caterpillar cocoons itself in the fibre that it spins, and leaves it behind after its metamorphosis into a moth.

The yarn is only produced after this transformation.

Founded on Humanist Principles.

Weaving has a rich history of at least five millennia and contains multitudes of stories.

We believe these must be celebrated, conserved and carried forward in the name of heritage and tradition.

This is only possible by increasing the value of the craft and sharing that value equitably with those engaged in the craft.

From India, with love.

Gamchha is manufactured in Bhagalpur – known as the "Silk City" of India.

We renovated a 1960s factory building by putting together a band of workers – masons, ironsmiths, electricians – and relentlessly worked on converting the building into a warm space that inspires us to be creative.

A labour of love.

Gamchha scarves are individually hand-woven with lots of care, love and dedication. To ensure that each scarf gets the attention it needs, we only make a limited number in each batch.

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"Ethical capitalism means that we have to respect workers' dignity, culture, art and beauty." — Brunello Cucinelli

We're certain you'll love it.

We believe that one should be satisfied and happy with everything one does in life, without any regrets.

If you're not happy with your Gamchha for any reason, let us know. We'll make it right.


Complimentary delivery with every order.


30-day returns on every order.