Dein Warenkorb


Our Story

Our enterprise was founded in 2014 in India and Germany

"Ethical capitalism means that we have to respect

workers' dignity, culture, art and beauty."

Brunello Cucinelli
Philosopher-designer; and founder Brunello Cucinelli

Our Philosophy

Our business is founded on humanist principles that place the dignity of our people and care for the environment at the core of our values. And even though our enterprise was born from a passion to make a social impact, we know to make a lasting change, we must craft outstanding products of the highest quality: a good story can only go as far.

Our Purpose

Weaving has a rich history of at least five millennia and contains multitudes of stories: of supplying common people with a basic human necessity, clothing; to furnishing rich and famous with fabric for their resplendent regalia. We think the craft of weaving must be conserved, and not least on account of the abundance of these stories it contains. We believe this is possible by increasing the value of the craft and sharing that value equitably with those engaged in the craft.


The Atelier - Our Workplace

Our atelier, in Bhagalpur, is housed in a 1960s factory building that we have renovated. We undertook the transformation of the physical space with a band of workers: masons, ironsmith, electricians; who worked relentlessly to convert the dilapidated building into a warm space that inspires and spurs us to be creative

The space is now being used to restore the pride of a team engaged in weaving, a craft that connects us to the origin of human civilisation.

Our workspace underscores and embodies our humanist philosophy.