Hill Brown

This dye is a mix of dyes from three sources: Alkanet, Madder and Pomegranate.Dyer’s Alkanet is a herb with beautiful bright blue flowers. Its dark red root has been used in the Mediterranean region since antiquity to dye yarns in shades of grey, lavender and purple. Thin wonderful natural dye even found its place in the lustrous Indian cuisine, used to give Rogan Josh, an aromatic lamb meat dish, its characteristic deep red colour.Madder is one of the oldest dyestuffs known. It contains a multitude of colours which range from crimson and rust to near black depending on dyeing procedure and additional dyes that are used. Since antiquity, madder was appreciated as an important source of red pigment. Also, it is used in traditional Tibetan medicine for various purposes.Pomegranate was known to mankind for millennia and symbolized prosperity and fertility in cultures from ancient Egypt, over India to Europe. Apart from its delicious seeds also its peel is of great value. It is used both as a dye and as a mordant to fix colours and increase fastness. As a dye pomegranate yields a matte green-yellow color and rich blue greens when overdyed with indigo.




Scarves with this dye
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