• HANDCRAFTED SCARVES woven on traditional looms with finest silk-yarns


Centuries-old craft of fine weaving on handlooms. Read about this craft and check out videos to know how magic is woven...



The quality and feel of our products is everything to us. Our in-house production in Bhagalpur, India, keeps us in direct contact with craftsmen and helps us create products loved by our customers.


The dyes used to colour our yarn (and scarves) have all been derived from various plants, vegetables and fruits: pomegranate; marigold; Indian madder, among others. These dyes are non-toxic and harmless for your skin.


We mostly use Eri Silk: named Eri for castor ("era" in Assamese, a language spoken in the north-eastern state of Assam in India) because the silkworms spinning this yarn feed on castor leaves. Eri silk, due to its thermal property, is warm in winter and cool in summer.